Christa Emmer, Sales Associate, REALTOR®

Meet Christa Emmer…a responsive, thoughtful real estate veteran with more than 15 years of experience helping home buyers and home sellers achieve their goals in two of the country’s hottest markets.

Christa was always drawn to the real estate world, as her father worked as a home builder and real estate investor, but she actually studied broadcast journalism in college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). After graduation, Christa landed a coveted TV producer job with the NBC affiliate in Las Vegas. But she learned very quickly that to “make it” in the TV industry, you have to be willing to jump around to a brand-new city every few years. And that kind of city-hopping, without ever putting down roots, just wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life.

So, Christa decided to take a leap of faith and change career paths. She began putting her real estate license (which she had earned in college) to good use by honing her skills in the fast-paced Las Vegas housing market. She was part of very successful team—selling over 175 units per year.

Christa says, “in a lot of ways, working as a REALTOR® is a lot like working in a fast-paced newsroom. In both worlds, you do interesting research, solve problems, and listen to the stories of interesting people in your community.”

Christa worked as an agent in Las Vegas through the housing “boom” of 2005-2006 and “bust” of 2009. She says, “At that time, people in the industry said, it was unbelievable and it would never happen again. Yet, here we are.” As tough as that experience was, it gave her the insight she now uses to guide her current clients through the turbulent and challenging waters of the today’s housing market…

She says, “I really encourage my clients to be patient, prepared, and flexible—because even though nothing may be available right now in their favorite neighborhood, circumstances always change. So, there’s always something new coming onto the market.” As an added bonus, compared to all the similar, cookie-cutter homes in Vegas, Maryland has a lot of different kinds of homes with character for her clients to explore.

Christa interviewed with several successful real estate teams when she moved to Maryland for her husband’s job. And The Bob & Ronna Group quickly rose to the top of the list…

“I recognized right away,” says Christa, “that they work the way I work and have very high standards. Even in their meetings, they’re very organized, proactive and focus on how to get down to business and improve the experience for the client.”

Christa particularly enjoys working with first-time home buyers and home sellers. “With new clients, I think of myself as an advocate,” she says, “because they don’t necessarily know what to expect…or what to do. And I have a lot of experience that can help them avoid pitfalls and lead them in the right direction.”

In a similar advocacy role, Christa volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for 14 years, helping children in the Clark County Nevada foster care system. She says, “sometimes, I was the only stable person in the kids’ lives and the only one with their best interest in mind.”

When not touring homes with clients (the favorite part of her role), Christa enjoys writing, reading, watching the Orioles, and eating with her husband and teenage son at all the great restaurants near their home in Columbia. Christa also looks forward to taking daily walks outside with her sometimes-cranky French bulldog, Emily, and enjoying Maryland’s many sights and seasons. (Though, don’t hold it against her, but she does still miss all the great shopping in Las Vegas.)